The flavours and aromas of three continents come together in this harmonious, extra bold blend of Fair Trade Certified coffees. Sumatran beans lay down the base notes with a lush, hardy body; South America occupies the midrange with its sweet...

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Breakfast Blend Decaf is our classic, lively, and vibrant New England breakfast cup. Breakfast Blend Decaf offers a snappy, crisp, and citrusy Central American coffee matched with the sweetness, body, and depth of an Indonesian bean. Contains 4...

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VUE Pack Coffee Variety Pack Includes the Following: (1) Original Donut Shop (1) Newman's Original Organic (1) Green Mountain Breakfast Blend (1) Tully's Hawaiian (1) Gloria Jean's Hazelnut (1) Folger's Lively Colombian (1) Caribou...

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lt;stronggt;DIE60051046CTlt;/stronggt;lt;BR/gt;Green Mountain Coffee Roasters French Vanilla Supreme Coffee K-Cupslt;BR/gt;The rich and creamy flavor of this coffee makes it a perfect choice for chocolate and vanilla lovers. Always beginning with...

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lt;stronggt;GMT6772CTlt;/stronggt;lt;BR/gt;Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Southern Pecan Coffee K-Cupslt;BR/gt;With each sip, you'll be delighted with the luscious buttery flavor of pecan pralines. It's a flavor that perfectly enhances the taste...

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This cool wallet for the HTC One M8 Touch Phone will come in Clock Tower Shipping Authorized packaging and is guaranteed to protect your HTC One M8 Touch Phone from scratches, falls, damage, and minor splashes of water and dust. It is made of high...

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New recipe! A lighter roasted coffee, our Hazelnut is buttery and sweet with the rich flavor of warm roasted nuts. Includes 48 single-cup servings (K-Cups)Designed for use in Keurig brewing systemsOffers the ease of making coffee 1 cup at a...

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* Breakfast Blend A rich taste with medium acidity. Our favorite way to start the day. (6 K-Cups) * Vermont Country Blend® Smooth and rich. A blend of light and dark roasts. (6 K-Cups) * Dark Magic® Extra Bold Sweet, toasty, rich. A dark roast....

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You will receive..... 1-Barrie House Ultimate Hazelnut... 1-Hawaiian Isles Kona Vanilla Macadamia... 1-Barnies Santas White Christmas... 1-Barnies Southern Pecan... 1-Caza trail Hazelnut 1-BB Hazelnut 1-Martinson Hazelnut... 1-Martinson Joes...

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The astonishing, uplifting story of a real-life Indiana Jones and his humanitarian campaign to use education to combat terrorism in the Taliban’s backyard Anyone who despairs of the individual’s power to change lives has to read the story of...

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Sumatra is one of the world's more exotic coffee destinations ... and peopled by folks of great character. Sumatran coffees tend to show tremendous character, too, and ours is no exception. We've updated our roast for the K-Cup version of this...

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The tart and tangy taste of 100% natural Lemon Zinger Herbal Tea® delivers a bolt of invigorating flavor to liven up your day. Dried whole lemons blended with hibiscus, rosehips, and lemon grass create a zippy sensation and deliver that...

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